trouble noun

1 problems

ADJ. bad, big, deep, desperate, real, serious The company is in desperate trouble financially. | endless | domestic, family, marital | financial, money | political | back, heart, tummy, etc. | boyfriend, girl, man, etc. He was obviously upset, and muttered something about girlfriend trouble. | engine

VERB + TROUBLE mean, spell She knew that a hygiene inspection could spell trouble for her restaurant. | have, suffer from He has had back trouble since changing jobs. | get (yourself) into, run into The firm soon ran into financial trouble. | keep out of, stay out of | pour out She poured out all her troubles to her mother. | cause, lead to The printer's causing trouble again. | avoid | forget, put behind you He put his past troubles behind him and built up a successful new career.

TROUBLE + VERB come Trouble often comes when you're least expecting it.

PREP. in ~ When she saw the teacher coming towards her she knew she was in big trouble. | ~ for He got into trouble for not doing his homework. | ~ with I've had endless trouble with my car. He is in trouble with the law again.

PHRASES a cause/source of trouble, a history of … trouble She has a history of back trouble. | in times of trouble In times of trouble she always turns to her mum. | trouble ahead I can see trouble ahead.

2 arguing/violence

ADJ. crowd

VERB + TROUBLE cause, make He had a reputation for making trouble in the classroom. | be asking for, be looking for, court, stir up He was asking for trouble when he insulted their country. Fans wandered the town after the match looking for trouble.

TROUBLE + VERB be brewing There was trouble brewing among the workforce. | blow up, flare (up) Trouble blew up when the gang was refused entry to a nightclub.

TROUBLE + NOUN spot Extra journalists have been sent to the main trouble spots.

PREP. ~ between trouble between the teachers

3 extra work

ADJ. considerable, enormous, great They went to enormous trouble to make her stay a pleasant one.

VERB + TROUBLE bring (sb), cause (sb), give sb, make, put sb to I don't want to make trouble for her. I don't want to put you to any trouble. | go to, take We took the trouble to plan our route in advance. | be worth Do you think it's worth the trouble of booking seats in advance? | save sb Why don't we bring a pizza to save you the trouble of cooking? | thank sb for Thank you very much for all your trouble.

PHRASES be more trouble than it's worth Growing your own vegetables is more trouble than it's worth.