troops noun

ADJ. crack, elite | additional, extra | armed a division of up to 6,000 heavily armed troops | allied, government, loyal troops loyal to the government | enemy, foreign, rebel | auxiliary, paramilitary, regular | combat, fighting | peacekeeping, security | airborne, ground | border, front-line, garrison

VERB + TROOPS deploy, mass, send (in) They are massing troops on the border. The UN is sending peace-keeping troops into the trouble spot. | provide (sb with), supply (sb with) The British Army has provided troops for the UN all over the world. | withdraw | command, lead, order He ordered troops to shoot to kill if attacked. | call in | quarter, station Five hundred troops were quartered in a village just behind the front line. | transport | rally | train

TROOPS + VERB fight (sb), kill sb | be based, be positioned, be posted, be stationed troops based in West Germany | advance, march, move in, move into sth Allied troops were advancing on the capital. | arrive, cross (into) sth, enter sth, land, reach sth Russian troops crossed into Austrian territory. | mass Government troops have massed on the northern border. | guard sth, patrol sth troops patrolling the border | occupy sth | attack (sb), invade (sth), overrun sth, storm sth, surround sth Rebel troops stormed the presidential palace. | fire on sb/sth, open fire, shoot sb | pull out, withdraw

TROOPS + NOUN deployment, levels, numbers, presence Various figures for US troop presence in Europe were quoted. | reductions | movements | withdrawal | reinforcements | carrier, ship, train, transport | commander

PHRASES the deployment of troops, the withdrawal of troops