tribute noun

1 sth you say/do to show you respect/admire sb/sth

ADJ. anniversary, birthday, centenary | final, last | fitting | lasting | affectionate, emotional, moving, warm | generous, glowing, handsome, special | silent Thousands of people stood in silent tribute to the dead president. | floral Floral tributes were piled up outside the church.

VERB + TRIBUTE pay The couple paid tribute to the helicopter crew who rescued them. | lead The prime minister led the tributes to ‘a great statesman and a decent man’.

TRIBUTE + VERB flood in Tributes flooded in when her death was announced.

TRIBUTE + NOUN album, concert

2 sign of how good sb/sth is

ADJ. great, remarkable

PREP. ~ to The bridge is a remarkable tribute to the skill of the Victorian railway engineers.