trend noun

ADJ. strong | consistent, constant, steady | accelerating, growing, increasing | underlying Despite this month's disappointing figures, the underlying trend is healthy. | dominant, main, major, prevailing | gradual | clear, marked | general | apparent, discernible | global, national, international, universal, worldwide | wider The increase in crime in London was just part of a wider trend. | positive, upward | downward, negative | contrary, opposite | healthy, welcome | adverse, dangerous, disturbing, unfortunate, worrying | fashion | demographic, population | cultural, social | evolutionary, historical | economic, market | growth, inflationary The latest figures show a clear growth trend in the service sector.

VERB + TREND begin, create, set, start In the 1960s, Britain set the fashion trends. | continue | follow We are following the American trend towards more flexible working conditions. | reinforce | buck, counteract, go against efforts to buck the current downward trend in sales | reverse | halt | detect, notice | indicate, reflect, show, suggest The data indicates a trend towards earlier retirement.

TREND + VERB develop, emerge | continue | indicate sth, reflect sth, suggest sth Current trends suggest that car traffic will continue to grow. | grow

PREP. ~ away from a trend away from narrow specialization | ~ for A trend for romance and nostalgia has emerged. | ~ in future trends in the volume of employment | ~ towards the trend towards privatization