treaty noun

ADJ. global, international, state, union | bilateral, multilateral | formal | draft | commercial, economic, military, political | unequal | cooperation, friendship | non-aggression, peace | arms, disarmament, non-proliferation, test ban A multilateral nuclear test ban treaty was to be signed. | defence | extradition

VERB + TREATY agree on/to | draw up, prepare | negotiate | be/become a party to, conclude, enter into, finalize, make, sign In September 1871 Japan entered into a commercial treaty with China. | accept, approve, ratify, vote for All the members have voted to ratify the treaty. | reject, vote against | condemn, criticize, oppose | amend, review, revise | adhere to | be in breach of, breach, break, violate The new law may be in breach of the Treaty of Rome. | abrogate, repudiate | enforce | impose The people felt the treaty had been imposed on them by their government. | be bound by | be laid down by/in the criteria laid down in the treaty

TREATY + VERB come into force The treaty comes into force at midnight on December 31. | provide for The treaty provides for UN inspection of all countries' weapons systems. | guarantee sth | govern sth, regulate sth | create sth, establish sth | recognize sth | declare sth | require sth | ban sth, prohibit sth | draw criticism The treaty has drawn criticism from opposition groups.

TREATY + NOUN party | amendment, changes, revision | provision | terms | document, text | law | commitment, obligation | rights | relations, relationship

PREP. by ~ Certain areas had been ceded by treaty. | under a/the ~ These arrangements under the treaty apply to the whole of Europe. | ~ between a bilateral treaty between the US and Mexico | ~ with The government concluded a peace treaty with the rebels.

PHRASES an article/a clause of a treaty, the provisions/terms of a treaty, the ratification of a treaty