treatment noun

1 way you behave towards sb/deal with sth

ADJ. favourable, preferential, special, VIP She was given the VIP treatment after winning gold for her country at the Sydney Olympics. | generous, lenient | equal, fair | good, humane | sensitive, sympathetic | discriminatory, unequal, unfair, unjust, unkind | brutal, cruel, degrading, harsh, ill-, inhuman, inhumane, rough, violent He claims he suffered ill-treatment at the hands of prison officers. | shabby You shouldn't put up with such shabby treatment.

VERB + TREATMENT get, have, receive, suffer | deserve He had done nothing to deserve such cruel treatment. | give sb, mete out (to sb) The treatment meted out to captured soldiers was harsh. | put up with

2 medical care

ADJ. emergency, immediate, on-the-spot, prompt, urgent | follow-up, further | long-term | effective, successful | conventional, orthodox | alternative, holistic, homoeopathic | hospital | inpatient, outpatient | free, NHS | private | specialist | dental, medical, psychiatric, veterinary | drug, hormone | operative, surgical | non-operative, non-surgical | laser | dietary, nutritional | beauty, hair

QUANT. course

VERB + TREATMENT get, have, receive, undergo She is still undergoing medical treatment. | administer, give sb, provide (sb with) Paramedics are to have extra training in administering on-the-spot treatment. | need, require | seek When his depression worsened, he decided to seek treatment. | advise, prescribe, recommend, suggest | refuse | benefit from, respond to He responded well to treatment and is now walking again.

TREATMENT + NOUN decision, option | centre, room | method, procedure, technique | course, plan, programme, regime, regimen, schedule

PREP. in ~ He's in treatment for cocaine addiction. | ~ for She is receiving treatment for a heart condition.

3 process for cleaning/protecting sth

ADJ. sewage, surface, water Galvanizing is a common surface treatment for steel.

TREATMENT + NOUN facility, plant, works

4 discussion of a subject, work of art, etc.

ADJ. definitive, exhaustive, systematic | lengthy | cursory, superficial | philosophical, theoretical