treat verb

1 handle sb/sth in a particular way

ADV. equitably, fairly, humanely, kindly, leniently, sympathetically, well | abominably, badly, harshly, roughly, shabbily, unfairly, unjustly They treat their animals quite badly. | seriously These allegations are being treated very seriously indeed. | differently | separately

VERB + TREAT tend to Parents still tend to treat boys differently from girls.

PREP. as the tendency to treat older people as helpless and dependent | like Don't treat me like a child! | with He treated the idea with suspicion.

PHRASES a tendency to treat sb/sth

2 give sb medical treatment

ADV. easily | successfully | surgically

VERB + TREAT be difficult to | use sth to

PREP. for She was treated for cuts and bruises. | with We can treat this condition quite successfully with antibiotics.

3 use a substance to protect sth

ADV. chemically Chemically treated hair can become dry and brittle.

PREP. for You need to treat this wood for woodworm. | with The timber has been treated with chemicals to preserve it.