transformation noun

ADJ. amazing, complete, dramatic, fundamental, major, miraculous, profound, radical, remarkable, revolutionary, startling, total | subtle | gradual | immediate, instant, rapid, sudden | cultural, economic, historical, intellectual, physical, political, social, structural

VERB + TRANSFORMATION undergo The way we work has undergone a radical transformation in the past decade. | make He was struggling to make the transformation from single man to responsible husband. | achieve, bring about, carry out, cause, effect, lead to Going to college brought about a dramatic transformation in her outlook. | accelerate | complete

TRANSFORMATION + VERB begin | come about, occur, take place A startling cultural transformation occurred in post-war Britain.


PREP. ~ from The transformation from disused docks into city-centre cultural venue took three years. | ~ in This decision marked a fundamental transformation in policy. | ~ into Japan's transformation into an economic superpower | ~ to Russia's transformation to a market economy