training noun

1 learning skills

ADJ. basic, initial, preliminary New recruits undergo six weeks' basic training at this naval base. | advanced, high/higher, high-level | comprehensive, systematic, thorough | extensive, lengthy | intensive | essential, necessary | minimum | adequate, proper No one must operate the machinery without proper training. | inadequate | minimal Using spreadsheets requires minimal training. | excellent, first-class, high-quality | specialist | hands-on, practical | theoretical | continuous, long-term, ongoing | individual, one-to-one | formal, informal He is good at selling, although he has had no formal training. | job, job-related, occupational, professional, vocational, work-related | in-service, on-the-job | off-the-job | external | internal, on-site | computer-based | mental, moral, physical, social | academic, educational, industrial, intellectual, journalistic, legal, management, medical, military, musical, scientific, technical | first-aid | assertiveness | potty (= when a child learns to use a potty) | staff, teacher

VERB + TRAINING do, get, have, receive, undergo You have to do a year's intensive training to become a paramedic. | give sb, provide (sb with) | require

TRAINING + NOUN base, camp, centre, college, establishment, facility, school an army training base a teacher training college | activity, course, exercise, initiative, package, plan, programme, project, scheme, strategy, system The soldiers were building a bridge as a training exercise. | methods, policy, procedures, process, techniques, skills | needs, objectives, requirements | opportunities, provision | aid, device, equipment, material | manual | instructor, manager, officer, staff | body, committee, company, department, organization, provider, service | place, placement | event, workshop | day, period, etc. | budget, costs, fees

PREP. by ~ She's an accountant by training. | in ~ I am delighted with the work he has done in training. | ~ for Training for nursing was on strictly formal lines. | ~ in Employees should be given training in safety procedures.

2 physical exercises

ADJ. hard, rigorous, serious, strict, tough She did six months' hard training before the marathon. | pre-season


TRAINING + NOUN run, session, stint | regime, regimen, routine, schedule | ground, pitch, track (figurative) This local newspaper has been a training ground for several top journalists.

PREP. in ~ Lewis is in serious training for the Olympics. | ~ for