track noun

1 marks left behind by a car/a person/an animal

ADJ. deep | fresh | animal, boot, car, tyre The beach is criss-crossed with animal tracks.

VERB + TRACK leave, make Rabbits had left tracks in the snow. | cover (often figurative) He had been careless, and had done little to cover his tracks. | follow

PREP. on the ~ of (often figurative) She felt the excitement of a journalist on the track of a good story.

PHRASES freeze/halt/stop in your tracks (figurative), halt/stop sb/sth in their/its tracks (figurative) The disease was stopped in its tracks by immunization programmes. | make tracks (figurative) It's getting late?I'd better make tracks (= leave).

2 path/rough road

ADJ. narrow | wide | steep | bumpy, dusty, grassy, muddy, rough, rutted, sandy, slippery, stony | ancient, medieval | cinder, dirt, mud, unpaved | cart, cycle, sheep, ski | single a single track road with passing places | farm, forest/forestry, hillside, mountain, woodland | perimeter A few planes were parked on the perimeter track of the airfield.

VERB + TRACK follow

TRACK + VERB lead The track leads across a meadow. | fork When the track forks, take the left fork.

PREP. along/down/up a/the ~ Continue along the farm track for another hundred metres.

PHRASES off the beaten track (figurative) (= not in a place that most people go to), on the right/wrong track (figurative) The new manager successfully got the team back onto the right track. | on the wrong track (figurative) The police were on the wrong track when they treated the case as a revenge killing.

3 special path, often in a circle, for racing

ADJ. race (also racetrack), running | indoor, outdoor | all-weather | training, warm-up | fast | dog

PHRASES track and field The competition features many top track and field athletes.

4 metal rails on which a train runs

ADJ. rail, railway, tram | double, single | elevated | eastbound, westbound, etc. | narrow gauge, standard gauge

VERB + TRACK lay | lift Many branch lines were closed, and the tracks lifted.

TRACK + NOUN layout

5 direction/course that sb/sth takes

ADJ. fast, inside an inside track to the ear of government | parallel, twin a twin track approach to crime | career She decided to change her career track.

VERB + TRACK switch He switched tracks and went back to college.

PREP. along a/the ~ Film comedy developed along a similar track to film drama. | on (a/the) ~ A UN spokesman insisted that the implementation of the peace plan is back on track. The ship was on a southerly track. | ~ for She seems to be on the fast track for promotion. | ~ to The country is on the fast track to democracy.

PHRASES keep track of sth (= to know what is happening, where sth is, etc.) Keep track of all your payments by writing them down in a book. | lose track of sth (= to not know what is happening, where sth is, etc.) I was so absorbed in my work that I lost track of time.

6 one song/piece of music on a cassette/CD

ADJ. album | live | title | unreleased | dance, disco | backing | drum, guitar, rhythm, solo, vocal (see also soundtrack)

VERB + TRACK cut, lay down, record She had already cut a couple of tracks as lead singer with her own group. | play | listen to