town noun

1 place with many streets and buildings

ADJ. big, large, major | little, small | nearby, neighbouring, surrounding | ancient, historic, medieval, old | new It was built as a new town in the 1960s. | industrial | busy a busy market town | boom, thriving London was a boom town and the stock market was soaring. a thriving holiday town | sleepy a sleepy provincial town in southern France | country, provincial | county Beverley was then the county town of the East Riding of Yorkshire (= the main town where the county offices were). | home, native She has gone back to live in her home town. | border | coastal, seaside | holiday, resort | cathedral, market, university | dormitory, satellite | fortified Kitzbuhel is an ancient fortified town with fine medieval buildings. | shanty | ghost It's been a ghost town since the gold rush ended. | twin Darlington's twin town of Amiens

VERB + TOWN build, found | live in How many people live in the town? | get out of, leave, move out of He left town yesterday for a conference in York. They wanted to move out of town and start a new life in the country.

TOWN + VERB grow | flourish

TOWN + NOUN hall, square, walls | council | life | planning

PREP. in ~ They'll be back in town tomorrow. | out of ~ I was out of town last week. an out-of-town superstore | outside (the) ~ a lake just outside the town

PHRASES the centre/middle of (the) town, the edge/outskirts of (the) town

2 main part of a town, with the shops, etc.

VERB + TOWN go into I'm going into town?can I get you anything?

PREP. in ~ Mum's in town doing some shopping.