tourist noun

ADJ. foreign, Western | American, Japanese, etc. | modern, nineteenth-century

QUANT. coachload, party

VERB + TOURIST attract, draw The Story of the Loch Ness Monster has attracted many tourists to the area. | drive/frighten away The high level of crime is frightening away tourists.

TOURIST + VERB flock to sth, frequent sth, visit sth the part of town most frequented by tourists

TOURIST + NOUN area, centre, destination, haunt, resort, spot, town, trap Recently Edinburgh has become a popular tourist centre. | attraction, facility, sight Pompeii is one of Italy's prime tourist attractions. The theme park is the region's most popular tourist facility. | route, trail The town is off the usual tourist trail. | hotel, shop | business, industry, trade | board, office | information the local tourist information office | guide I bought a tourist guide to Paris. She works as a tourist guide. | map | traffic, visitors the reduction in tourist traffic due to the violence | season | potential The city has unrealized tourist potential. | visa | bus, coach

PHRASES influx of tourists The festival is accompanied by a huge influx of tourists.