total noun

ADJ. annual, monthly | combined, cumulative, grand, overall, sum His two goals give him a grand total of 32 for the season. The sum total of my knowledge of biology is not impressive. | final | high, huge, large, record a record total of victories | low, small | global, national, world/worldwide | jobless, unemployment Britain's jobless total rose by 20,000 last month.

VERB + TOTAL add up to, give, make (up) Their earnings were £250, £300 and £420, giving a total of £970. | bring, take A donation of £250 has been received, bringing the total to £3,750. | achieve The Greens achieved a total of 18 seats.

TOTAL + VERB rise | fall

PREP. in ~ In total, they spent 420 hours on the project. | out of a ~ of 180 vehicles out of a total of 900 examined were not roadworthy. | ~ of