torch noun

1 electric light carried in the hand

ADJ. powerful | electric

VERB + TORCH carry, have | switch off/on, turn off/on | flash, play, point, shine The policeman played his torch over the men's faces. I shone my torch through the crack.

TORCH + VERB flash, play, shine A powerful torch shone in their direction.


PHRASES the beam of a torch, light from/of a torch We struggled to read the map by the light of the torch.

2 piece of burning wood carried to give light

ADJ. blazing, burning, flaming, flaring, flickering

VERB + TORCH light They lit their torches from the fire. | carry, hold Servants were carrying lighted torches.

TORCH + VERB light The path to the castle was lit by blazing torches. | burn The torches were burning fiercely. | flare | flicker, splutter | go out The torch flickered and went out.