tooth noun

ADJ. big, enormous, huge | gappy She wore a brace to correct her gappy teeth. | prominent, sticking-out I used to be self-conscious of my sticking-out teeth. | even, straight | crooked, jagged (often figurative), misshapen Her smile showed crooked teeth. Skyscrapers rose like jagged teeth. | broken, missing | good, healthy, pearl-like, pearl-white, perfect, splendid, strong, white | yellow | decayed, rotten | loose, wobbly | aching | capped, false, gold | needle-sharp, razor-sharp, sharp Mink have razor-sharp teeth. | savage | back, front | bottom, top | canine | baby, milk I've still got one of my baby teeth. | wisdom

VERB + TOOTH have | brush, clean | extract, pull out, remove | have out I've just had a tooth out at the dentist's. | knock out | lose I lost three teeth in the fight. | fill | bare, reveal, show The dog bared its teeth at us and growled. The man smiled, revealing perfect white teeth. | clamp, clench, grit He broke off what he was saying, clamping his teeth together. She answered through clenched teeth (= opening her mouth only a little because of anger). | clamp sth between/in His pipe was firmly clamped between his teeth. | gnash, grind | sink The cat sank its teeth into his finger. | cut The baby's crying because he's cutting a new tooth (= a new one is coming through).

TOOTH + VERB be/come through Billy's first tooth is now through. | fall out | bite sb/sth, nip sb/sth, sink into sb/sth, snap together | ache | chatter Their teeth were chattering with cold. | flash, gleam, glint, shine Her teeth flashed as she smiled. | grin

TOOTH + NOUN decay, loss | abscess | enamel | mark The cat left teeth marks in my arm.

PREP. against the/your ~ He clashed the spoon against his teeth as he ate. | between the/your ~ She answered the phone with a cigarette between her teeth. | in the/your ~ The cat came in with a mouse in its teeth. | through the/your ~ ‘Come here now!’ she growled through her teeth.