toe noun

ADJ. big, little The shoe pressed painfully against her big toe. | bare Under his bare toes the floor felt gritty. | broken, bruised

VERB + TOE stand on, tread on She stood on her toes to kiss him. Ouch! That was my toe you just trod on. (figurative) She trod on a lot of toes when she joined the company. | stub | break, bruise, crack | dip I dipped my toe in the river to test the temperature. (figurative) So far they have only dipped their toe in the potentially vast computer market. | point | curl | touch Can you touch your toes (= while keeping your legs straight)?

TOE + VERB curl (often figurative) The man's broad smile made her toes curl (= made her feel embarrassed or uncomfortable).

TOE + NOUN injury

PREP. between the/your ~s He had some kind of fungus between his toes. | on your ~s He moved lightly on his toes like a boxer. (figurative) The threat of inspections kept us all on our toes (= made sure we kept everything up to standard and were ready).

PHRASES from head/top to toe He gave himself a good scrub from head to toe. | the tips of your toes I stood on the tips of my toes to look through the window. | the toe of your boot/shoe