tight adj., adv.

1 not loose

VERBS be, feel, look, seem | become, get, go Those jeans have got too tight and I can't wear them any more. The rope suddenly went tight. | hold (on) ‘Hold tight!’ She increased her grip. | clamp sth, clench sth, close sth, draw sth, pull sth, shut sth, stretch sth, tie sth His jaw was clenched tight. Every muscle in her face was drawn tight. Shut your eyes tight. The cloth was stretched tight over the frame. | clutch sth, grip sth, hold sth, keep sth He held his children tight. Keep the rope tight.

ADV. extremely, really, very | a bit, fairly, pretty, quite, rather, reasonably | enough You didn't tie it tight enough.

2 with not much time/money to spare

VERBS be, look, seem | get I think we'd better leave?time's getting very tight.

ADV. extremely, particularly, really, very | a bit, fairly, pretty, rather

3 controlled very strictly

VERBS be, seem | become | remain Security at the airport remains tight.

ADV. extremely, really, very | increasingly | fairly, pretty, quite | enough Are the controls tight enough?