tie noun

1 worn round the neck with a shirt

ADJ. undone His tie was undone. | loose | askew His tie was askew and his hair dishevelled. | loud | bootlace, bow, kipper | black, white (= a black/white bow tie as part of formal dress) a black-tie dinner | club, college, regimental, school

VERB + TIE knot, tie | loosen | adjust, straighten

TIE + NOUN pin

PHRASES collar/jacket/shirt/suit and tie > Special page at CLOTHES

2 (usually ties) sth that connects you with sb/sth

ADJ. close, strong | weak | blood, family | emotional | personal | business, commercial, economic | cultural, diplomatic, political, social, traditional

VERB + TIE have We have close economic ties with our neighbours. | establish | cement, strengthen | cut, sever He cut all ties with the Church. | loosen, weaken

PREP. ~ between There is a strong tie between her and her daughters. | ~ of ties of kinship | ~ to/with to establish diplomatic ties with China

3 in a game/competition

VERB + TIE end in, result in The match ended in a tie.

TIE + NOUN break/breaker

PREP. ~ between a tie between Egypt and France | ~ for There was a tie for first place.