ticket noun

1 for travel, an event, the theatre, etc.

ADJ. one-way, single | return, round-trip | day, season, weekly an annual season ticket | first-class, second-class, etc. a first-class rail ticket | invalid, valid | complimentary, free I've got complimentary tickets for the theatre. | concessionary, family Concessionary tickets are available at half the standard price. | advance Use the coupon below to reserve advance tickets for the exhibition. | admission, entrance, entry | air/airline, bus, plane, rail, train, etc. | cinema, concert | library

VERB + TICKET buy, get, obtain, purchase | have, hold You must hold a valid ticket for your entire journey before boarding the train. | book, reserve | show (sb) He showed the guard his ticket.

TICKET + NOUN agency, counter, machine, office | price | sales | holder | collector, inspector | tout | barrier | stub

PREP. by ~ admission by ticket only | ~ for I bought a ticket for the concert. a ticket for Saturday | ~ to I've got a free ticket to the match. a plane ticket to New York

2 for a lottery, etc.

ADJ. winning | lottery, raffle

QUANT. book I bought a whole book of raffle tickets and I still didn't win anything.

3 giving a penalty

ADJ. fixed-penalty | parking

VERB + TICKET give sb, issue | get

PREP. ~ for The police officer gave us a ticket for going through a red light.