throne noun

ADJ. empty, unoccupied, vacant | imperial, papal, royal

VERB + THRONE ascend, assume, come to, gain, inherit, succeed to, take Elizabeth I came to the throne in 1558. | seize, usurp | occupy | give up, renounce | lose | regain | put sb on | topple sb from Left-wing revolutionaries toppled the king from his throne. | restore sb to | be in line to The prince is second in line to the throne behind his brother.

PREP. on the ~ Queen Victoria remained on the throne for over sixty years.

PHRASES sb's accession to the throne, a claimant/pretender to the throne a claimant to the vacant Spanish throne | sb's claim/right to the throne, an heir to the throne The marriage failed to produce an heir to the throne. | the power behind the throne (figurative) According to the papers, the prime minister's private secretary is the real power behind the throne. | the succession to the throne