thinking noun

1 using your mind to think

ADJ. deep, hard, serious This topic requires a lot of deep thinking. | good Yes, we'll phone them instead?that's good thinking (= a good idea). | clear, logical | muddled | quick | forward The school would have made better use of the money with a little forward thinking. | positive | abstract, analytical, critical | creative, independent, innovative, original | lateral | wishful His claims to be a millionaire are just wishful thinking.

QUANT. piece a brilliant piece of lateral thinking

VERB + THINKING do We have some hard thinking to do before we agree to the plan. | apply The book shows you how to apply critical thinking to your studies.

PREP. ~ behind It was difficult to see what the thinking was behind their eventual decision.

2 opinion

ADJ. contemporary, current, modern | fresh, new | conventional, old, traditional | divergent | government | Labour, Republican, etc. | economic, educational, historical, political, scientific, etc. Traditional educational thinking placed importance on learning by rote. | feminist, socialist, etc. | military, strategic

VERB + THINKING develop, shape | clarify, explain | change They are unlikely to have changed their thinking so soon. | dominate His writings on motorized warfare dominated strategic thinking in the 1930s.

PREP. in … ~ contemporary trends in feminist thinking | ~ about/on What is the current Conservative thinking on social security?

PHRASES a shift in sb's thinking There's been a shift in government thinking on genetically-modified food. | to sb's way of thinking (= in sb's opinion) To my way of thinking, it would just be a massive waste of money.