theatre noun

1 where you go to see plays, etc.

ADJ. large | little, small | crowded, packed The theatre was packed for the opening night. | open-air | puppet The pier has a unique little puppet theatre.

VERB + THEATRE go to, visit I haven't been to the theatre for ages.

THEATRE + NOUN ticket | production | audience | manager, staff

PREP. at a/the ~ We were at the theatre last night. | in a/the ~ There's a bar in the theatre.

2 drama

ADJ. good, great He writes the sort of dialogue that makes great theatre. | live | amateur | commercial, professional | fringe, provincial, repertory There was some good fringe theatre at the festival. | classical, contemporary, experimental, modern, music/musical, popular | street We saw some good street theatre while we were in Paris. | community, youth | political (often figurative) The Chancellor's speech was an absorbing piece of political theatre.

QUANT. piece

VERB + THEATRE study He is studying Greek theatre.

THEATRE + NOUN studies | critic

3 work of acting in/ producing plays

VERB + THEATRE be in, work in | go into He wants to go into the theatre when he finishes university.

THEATRE + NOUN director, producer | company, group

4 in a hospital

ADJ. operating

VERB + THEATRE take to He's already been taken to theatre for the operation.

THEATRE + NOUN nurse, sister

PREP. in (the) ~ She was in the operating theatre for two hours.