text noun

1 writing in a book/newspaper, on a computer, etc.

ADJ. complete, full The newspaper printed the full text of the interview. | draft | final | original | main The illustrations are printed separately from the main text. | accompanying The catalogue consists of colour reproductions of the paintings with accompanying text. | electronic, handwritten, printed, typewritten, written

QUANT. block, body, chunk, line, page, piece, portion Hand symbols in the main body of the text cross-refer the reader to the appendices. Use the mouse to move chunks of text from place to place.

VERB + TEXT create, draft, write | edit, modify | highlight | cut, delete | insert, move, paste | scan (in) | handle, manipulate, process computer programs that process text | set, typeset | print | publish | read | transcribe | annotate | stray from She strayed from the text in a few places to illustrate some of her more interesting points.

TEXT + NOUN file The program allows you to import text files from other word processors. | editor one of the best HTML text editors available | message, messaging The text message just said ‘Hope 2CU@the party’. > Special page at COMPUTER

2 book or piece of writing to be studied

ADJ. basic, key, standard | recommended, set ‘Antony and Cleopatra’ was one of our set texts for A level. | prepared He stood up and began reading from a prepared text. | authoritative, influential | introductory | academic, dramatic, legal, literary, poetic, sacred, scientific, etc. We're studying dramatic texts by sixteenth-century playwrights. | biology, mathematics, etc.

VERB + TEXT read (from) | analyse, deconstruct, interpret, study | annotate

TEXT + NOUN analysis

PREP. in a/the ~ We discussed the use of metaphor in the text. | ~ about/on a poetic text about growing up in rural England