test verb

1 examine sth to find out if it is working/what it is like

ADV. adequately, properly The product had not been adequately tested before being put on the market. | rigorously | extensively | fully, exhaustively, thoroughly | regularly, routinely You should test your brakes regularly. | directly | empirically, experimentally the importance of empirically tested research | formally | successfully The exercise successfully tested the procedures for dealing with a serious oil spillage. | clinically, dermatologically | out a good way to test out his hypothesis

VERB + TEST decide to We decided to test the theory experimentally. | attempt to, seek to, try to | be designed to, be intended to | be used to | be difficult to It is difficult to test a potential cure when a disease is ill-defined.

PREP. for Squeeze the fruit to test for ripeness. | on We only sell products that have not been tested on animals.

PHRASES have sth tested I'm having my eyes tested this week. | test negative/positive Two of the athletes tested positive for illegal drugs. | test sth to the limit The training tested his body to the very limit. | tried and tested tried and tested techniques

2 require all sb's strength/ability/resources, etc.

ADV. seriously, severely, sorely Neither goalkeeper was seriously tested in a rather poor match. There were times when my temper was sorely tested.