terror noun

1 great fear

ADJ. absolute, naked, pure, real, sheer | constant

VERB + TERROR be filled with, feel, have, shake/tremble with He was filled with absolute terror at the sight. the sheer terror she felt when she saw him He had a real terror of darkness. | bring, inspire, spread The explosion brought terror to hundreds of local residents. He inspired terror in everyone he met. | live in She lived in terror of her father. | flee in The shots sent the crowd fleeing in terror.

PREP. from ~ trembling from terror and excitement | in ~ He was found hiding in terror. | out of ~ He cried out, out of pure terror. | with ~ His face was white with terror.

PHRASES strike terror into (the heart of) sb Its fearsome appearance struck terror into their hearts.

2 violent action for political purposes

ADJ. political

VERB + TERROR resort to, use The group has resorted to terror to try to get what it wants. | give in to

TERROR + NOUN campaign | tactics | gang, group

PHRASES an act of terror people who carry out acts of terror | a campaign of terror The bombing formed part of a nationwide campaign of terror. | a reign of terror The dictator's ten-year reign of terror left over 100,000 dead.