territory noun

1 area of land that belongs to one country, etc.

ADJ. vast | new The explorers set off to conquer new territories. | former former French territories | neighbouring, surrounding | home, national | alien, foreign, overseas | enemy, hostile | neutral | colonial, dependent | sovereign Troops were stationed on sovereign German territory. | conquered, lost, occupied a town in British-occupied territory | unoccupied | disputed | familiar | uncharted, unexplored, unknown, virgin | dangerous

VERB + TERRITORY hold | annex, capture, conquer, invade, occupy, recapture, take | control, govern, rule The territory had been controlled by Azerbaijan for many years. | cede, surrender | explore (often figurative) Tired of writing detective novels, she began to explore new territory. | settle The territory was never densely settled. | enter | leave | overfly The plane was shot down while overflying enemy territory. | stray into The soldiers strayed into hostile territory.

2 of an animal

ADJ. breeding

VERB + TERRITORY defend, patrol | mark (out), scent-mark