terrace noun

1 flat area of stone next to a restaurant, etc.

ADJ. paved | covered | shaded | sunny | cafe, garden, pool/poolside, roof/rooftop | sun, sunbathing

VERB + TERRACE open onto The dining room opens onto a paved terrace.

TERRACE + VERB overlook sth The hotel has a roof terrace overlooking the sea.

TERRACE + NOUN bar, garden, restaurant

PREP. on a/the ~ There's a table free on the terrace.

2 line of joined houses

ADJ. long | two-storey, three-storey, etc.

TERRACE + NOUN house (also terraced house)

PREP. in a/the ~ Our house is in a long Victorian terrace in north London.

PHRASES a terrace of houses

3 (usually terraces) for growing crops on a hill

ADJ. steep | cultivated

VERB + TERRACE dig The villagers had dug terraces in the hillside.