tent noun

ADJ. dome, ridge | lightweight | three-person, two-person, etc. | makeshift The refugees had been living in makeshift tents for a year. | leaking, leaky | circus | beer, dining, luncheon, hospitality, mess, refreshment, tea | cook, cookhouse, cooking There was a long queue of troops outside the cookhouse tent. | hospital | press | oxygen

QUANT. row

VERB + TENT erect, pitch, put up, set up They pitched their tent in a little clearing in the wood. | unzip, zip shut/up | dismantle, take down | pack away/up | share

TENT + VERB blow down, collapse

TENT + NOUN camp, city a tent city housing refugees from the war | door, flap, frame, opening, peg, pole, rope, wall

PREP. in a/the ~

PHRASES the door/flap/roof of a tent