temperature noun

1 how hot or cold sth is

ADJ. high, warm Yesterday the town reached its highest ever February temperature. | cold, cool, low, sub-zero | moderate | normal | extreme Avoid exposing the instrument to extreme temperatures. | boiling, freezing, melting the boiling temperature of the solvent | maximum, minimum | average, mean | constant, stable, steady | daytime | daily | summer, winter, etc. | April, July, etc. | global The increase in the mean global temperature will be about 0.3°C per decade. | air, sea, water, etc. | ambient, room | oven | body | surface the surface temperature of our planet

VERB + TEMPERATURE have Some places had temperatures in the forties during the heat wave. | heat sth to, raise Heat the oven to a temperature of 200°C. | reduce | reach | control | expose sth to

TEMPERATURE + VERB go up, increase, rise | drop, fall, go down, plummet Overnight the temperature fell as low as -30°C.

TEMPERATURE + NOUN conditions | change, difference, increase, rise | gradient, range, variation a temperature range of 60?74°F | control, regulation | measurement | gauge, sensor

PREP. at ~ Serve the wine at room temperature. | in a ~ This plant grows well in temperatures above 55°F. | ~ above/below/between, ~ of The fish prefer a temperature of 24?27°C.

PHRASES a change/variation in temperature, a drop in temperature, an increase/a rise in temperature, a range of temperature

2 fever

ADJ. high | slight

VERB + TEMPERATURE have, run She's running a temperature. | take The nurse produced a thermometer and took my temperature. | bring down They used ice packs to bring down her temperature.

TEMPERATURE + VERB go up, rise | come down

PREP. ~ of He's in bed with a temperature of 102.