telephone noun

ADJ. pay, public | office, private The office telephones were all out of order. | cellular, cordless, mobile, portable | radio, satellite

VERB + TELEPHONE use Can I use your telephone? | be on Don't pester me now?I'm on the telephone. We're not on the telephone, so you'll have to come round to the house. | answer, get (informal), pick up Hang on?I'll just get the telephone. | hang up, put down She put down the telephone and burst into tears. | leave/take off the hook I've been trying to phone him all day?he must have left his telephone off the hook. | be wanted on The waiter came to tell me I was wanted on the telephone. | call sb to He was called to the telephone just as he was leaving. | bug, tap | connect, install | disconnect

TELEPHONE + VERB ring, shrill The telephone was ringing furiously. The telephone shrilled into the silence. | be off the hook

TELEPHONE + NOUN number | book, directory | bill | call, message | conversation, enquiry, interview, query, survey | contact She is in telephone contact with headquarters. | helpline, hotline, support The charity has set up a 24-hour telephone helpline. | company | banking, marketing, service | charges | cord, headset, receiver | cable, exchange, line, network, switchboard, system, wire | box, kiosk | voice A good telephone voice can do much to improve the temper of irate callers.

PREP. by ~ Can I get in touch by telephone? | on the ~ She sounded very distant on the telephone. | over the ~ I don't want to talk about this over the telephone.