tear3 /tee(r)/ verb

ADV. badly His clothes were badly torn. | easily Careful?the fabric tears very easily. | almost, nearly The storm nearly tore the roof off. | apart, off, out, up The dogs tore the fox apart. (figurative) We tore the other team apart in the second half.

VERB + TEAR threaten to

PREP. from I tore another sheet from the pad. | off She tore the label off the suitcase. | on She tore her skirt on a nail. | out of Several pages had been torn out of the book.

PHRASES tear free/loose She tore herself free. One error and he would have been torn loose and hurled overboard by the squalling wind. | tear sth in half/two She tore the piece of paper in half. | tear sb limb from limb He threatened to tear me limb from limb. | tear sth open She tore the letter open. | tear sth to pieces/shreds (often figurative) The critics tore his last film to shreds.