team noun

1 group of people who play a sport together

ADJ. home | away, opposing, rival, visiting | decent, strong | successful, winning | weak | dream The England manager has chosen his dream team for the World Cup. | junior, senior, youth | under-16, etc. | A, B, first, second, etc. | international, local, national | England, Ireland, Scotland | French, Irish, etc. | basketball, football, relay, etc. | display the Army Parachute Display Team | five-man, five-person, five-strong, five-woman Spain are fielding a three-man team in this race. | men's, mixed, women's

VERB + TEAM field, have | choose, get together, organize, pick, put together Can you get a team together by Saturday? | coach, manage | be in/on, play in/for I'm playing for the first team this week. | be called up to, be selected for, get into/onto, make Cole has been selected for the team to meet Italy next week. You didn't make the team, I'm afraid. | be dropped from, be left out of | join, sign for | play (against) | lead | support

TEAM + VERB compete (in sth), take part (in sth) The team competes in a local league. There are six teams taking part. | win (sth) | lose (sth) Our team lost the final.

TEAM + NOUN game, sport | captain, coach, manager, mate (also teammate) He apologized to his teammates for his mistake. | championship, event, prize | effort, performance | selection | talk The manager gives his team talks in English. | sheet (= the list of players chosen for the team)

PREP. in/on a/the ~ I'll have you on the first team. | ~ for She's in the team for the World Championships. > Special page at SPORT

2 group of people who work together

ADJ. joint a joint team of French and German economists | five-strong | husband and wife | campaign, creative, design, development, editorial, investigation, management, marketing, production, project, research, sales a member of the senior management team | legal, medical | multidisciplinary | rescue

VERB + TEAM build, form, train Willing volunteers formed teams of helpers to carry everything in. a specially trained team of counsellors | lead, head, manage, run | join She has recently joined our sales team. | work (together) as learning to work together as a team

TEAM + VERB comprise sb, consist of sb The team consisted of six investigators and two secretaries. | develop sth, operate, work on/with sth the team that developed this microchip The team will work closely with other government departments.

TEAM + NOUN leader, member | player (informal) (= sb who works well as part of a team) | meeting | approach | building, development The survival course was intended as a team building exercise. | spirit | effort It took a tremendous team effort to finish the project on time.

PREP. in a/the ~ There are 20 people in the team. | ~ of a team of scientists

PHRASES a member of a team, part of a team