teaching noun

1 work/profession of a teacher

ADJ. effective, good | poor | classroom a system that rewards good classroom teaching | whole-class | individual, one-to-one | collaborative, team | mixed-ability | formal, traditional the formal teaching of grammar | creative, experimental | remedial, support | academic, college, graduate, postgraduate, primary, school, secondary, undergraduate, university | English, language, music, etc.

VERB + TEACHING get/go into He's going to go into teaching.

TEACHING + NOUN method, strategy, style, technique | aid, material, resource She used puppets as teaching aids. | aim, objective, point Write each teaching point on the whiteboard. | ability, skills | experience, qualification Applicants must hold a recognized teaching qualification. | job, post | career Mr Murphy retired at the end of a disciples who passed on Jesus's teaching | base sth on the great moral teachings on which our culture is based

PREP. in the ~ regarded as the source of goodness in the teachings of Confucius | ~ about/on the Church's teaching on forgiveness 30-year teaching career. | practice You have to do six weeks teaching practice as part of the course. | staff, profession They have left the teaching profession, demoralized and undervalued. | commitments, duties, load, responsibilities, role Lecturers who have heavy teaching loads. | centre, establishment, institution | environment, situation a teaching environment where English is not the first language | programme, session, term, year Work experience is integrated into the teaching programme. The teaching year runs from October to May. | time Critics say that these tests waste teaching time. | hospital

PREP. in ~ I've been in teaching for ten years.

PHRASES an approach to teaching the modern approach to language teaching | a method/style of teaching

2 ideas and beliefs that are taught by sb

ADJ. ancient, traditional | biblical, moral, religious | Buddhist, Christian, etc.

VERB + TEACHING follow He followed the teachings of the Koran on this subject. | reject | explain, interpret | pass on, spread the