taste noun

1 flavour

ADJ. delicious, fresh, pleasant, refreshing | distinctive | pungent, rich, strong | bland, mild | foul, nasty, unpleasant | bitter, creamy, metallic, salty, sharp, smooth, sour, spicy, sweet | authentic You need to use fresh herbs to get the authentic Italian taste.

VERB + TASTE have The soup had a very salty taste. | leave The drink left a bitter taste in his mouth. (figurative) The whole business left a nasty taste in my mouth. | spoil Don't have a cigarette now?you'll spoil the taste of your food! | enhance, improve | enjoy, savour She savoured the taste of the champagne. | disguise, take away I had a strong coffee to take away the nasty taste of the food.

TASTE + NOUN buds 2 a taste small amount

ADJ. little | real That job gave me my first real taste of teaching. | first

VERB + TASTE get, have Have a taste of this cake. | give sb, provide (sb with)

PREP. ~ of This was her first taste of success.

PHRASES a taste of things to come The new appraisal scheme is only a taste of things to come.

3 liking

ADJ. catholic, eclectic, varied, wide | modest, simple | advanced, cultured, educated, sophisticated | expensive, extravagant | eccentric, esoteric, strange | acquired, natural Art is an acquired taste?no one is born knowing that Michelangelo is wonderful. | natural | local, national | modern | personal, private | aesthetic, artistic, literary, musical, reading, sexual | audience, consumer, contemporary, popular, public, Western Her msuic appeals to popular taste.

VERB + TASTE have They have a taste for adventure. | like, share You obviously share her taste in reading. | acquire, cultivate, develop, get | lose I've lost my taste for travelling. | indulge Now he is retired he has time to indulge his tastes for writing and politics. | demonstrate, display Her choice of outfit demonstrated her taste for the outrageous. | appeal to, cater for, match, meet, satisfy, suit a range of hotels to suit all tastes and budgets

TASTE + VERB lie It all depends on where your tastes lie. | change, differ, vary Lifestyles differ and tastes vary.

PREP. for your ~ The theatre was too modern for my taste. | to ~ (= according to how much of sth as you want) Add salt and pepper to taste. | to your ~ If fishing is not to your taste, there are many other leisure activities on offer. | ~ for People with a taste for complex plots will enjoy this book. | ~ in young people's tastes in music

PHRASES a man/woman of … tastes a man of advanced tastes | a matter of (personal) taste What type of bicycle you should buy is very much a matter of personal taste.

4 ability to make good choices

ADJ. excellent, exquisite, good, great, impeccable Her work is executed with impeccable taste. | appalling, bad, deplorable, doubtful, dubious, poor, terrible

VERB + TASTE reflect, show The house reflected his taste. | exercise The designer has exercised good taste in her use of different fonts.

PREP. in … ~ That joke was in very poor taste. | with ~ The room had been decorated with great taste. | ~ in She has terrible taste in clothing.

PHRASES an arbiter of taste Contemporary arbiters of taste dismissed his paintings as rubbish. | in the best/worst possible taste The love scenes are all done in the best possible taste. | a lack of taste The remark showed a deplorable lack of taste. | a man/woman of taste, taste and decency The film was judged to offend against standards of public taste and decency.