task noun

ADJ. awesome, challenging, daunting, enormous, formidable, great, Herculean, huge, mammoth, massive, monumental | arduous, demanding, difficult, exacting, exhausting, hard, laborious, onerous, stiff, time-consuming, tough, uphill | dangerous, hazardous | basic, easy, simple, small Translating the letter was no easy task. | menial, mundane, repetitive, tedious | complex, mind-boggling | delicate, tricky | fruitless, hopeless, impossible | daily, day-to-day, routine | central, fundamental, important, main, major, primary, principal The primary task of the chair is to ensure the meeting runs smoothly. | essential, vital | immediate, urgent | enviable, pleasant | thankless, unenviable, unpleasant | administrative, domestic, household, manual | self-appointed, self-imposed

VERB + TASK take on, take upon yourself, undertake Nobody was keen to take on such a thankless task. | approach, get to grips with, tackle How do you tackle a task like that? | carry out, do, fulfil, get on with, perform I left her to get on with the task of correcting the errors. | accomplish, complete, succeed in | cope with | fail in | allocate, assign (sb), delegate, entrust sb with, give sb, set sb She failed to complete the task that she had been set. | be charged with, be faced with, have She was charged with the important task of telling the children. | be engaged in I was engaged in the delicate task of clipping the dog's claws. | help sb with | be suited/unsuited to His thick fingers were not well suited to the task.

TASK + VERB require sth The task requires a variety of skills and experience. | fall to sb The unenviable task of telling my parents fell to the head teacher. | confront sb, face sb The team have no illusions about the size of the task confronting them.

PREP. ~ for a hard task for the committee | ~ in one of the first tasks in language learning

PHRASES the task ahead We need to think realistically about the task ahead. | the task in hand We should stop chatting and get back to the task in hand.