tap noun

1 for water, gas, etc.

ADJ. hot, hot-water | cold, cold-water | mixer | dripping, running the sound of a dripping tap | leaky | bath, bathroom, kitchen

VERB + TAP turn (off/on) Turn the tap clockwise. | run You have to run the tap a long time before the hot water comes.

TAP + VERB drip, run Someone has left the tap running. | leak

TAP + NOUN water | washer

PREP. on ~ The pub has two sorts of beer on tap (= in a barrel with a tap on it). (figurative) We have this sort of information on tap (= available to be used at any time).

2 quick gentle blow; the sound it makes

ADJ. gentle, light, little | sharp

VERB + TAP give sb/sth

PREP. ~ at There was a little tap at the door. | ~ on He gave her a tap on the shoulder.