talk verb

ADV. loudly | quietly | at length | continuously, endlessly, incessantly, non-stop | freely | openly She talked quite freely about her work. | enthusiastically, excitedly | politely | glibly | vaguely He had talked vaguely of going to work abroad. | casually | earnestly a group of students talking earnestly | sensibly Let's talk sensibly about this. | wildly

VERB + TALK be able to, can/could I can't talk about it just now. | need to, want to I need to talk to you. | begin to | be easy to He was so easy to talk to. | be difficult to, be hard to | hear sb, listen to sb, overhear sb I loved to hear him talk about the old days. | make sb The police questioned him for four hours, trying to make him talk. | let sb Just shut up and let me talk for a minute.

PREP. about talking about their new clothes | of (formal) We often talked of the war. | to I'll talk to John this afternoon. | with I've talked with him on the telephone.

PHRASES start/stop talking