table noun

1 piece of furniture

ADJ. big, high, huge, large, long | little, low, small | circular, rectangular, round, square | drop-leaf, fold-away, folding, trestle We arranged the party food on a trestle table in the garden. | baize-covered, glass-topped, white-clothed, white-napped | glass, plastic, wooden | polished, scrubbed | ramshackle, rickety, rough | empty We found an empty table at the back of the restaurant. | bare | corner, window We'll take the corner table near the bar, please. | dining (room), kitchen She often does her homework at the kitchen table. | breakfast, dinner, lunch We never discuss politics at the breakfast table. | conference, negotiating They spent hours around the negotiating table. | billiard, ping-pong, pool, snooker, table-tennis | makeshift We turned the box upside down and used it as a makeshift table.

VERB + TABLE sit around/round, sit (down) at They were all five of them sitting round the kitchen table. | get up from, leave He left the table in a hurry. | lay, set Please lay the table for six. | clear You clear the table and I'll wash the dishes. | book, reserve We booked a table in our favourite restaurant for 8 p.m.

TABLE + NOUN decorations | edge

PREP. across the ~ She leaned across the table towards him. | around/round the ~ We gathered round the table to hear his news. | at the ~ to sit down at the table | on the ~ She put the vase on the table. | over the ~ They flirted over the dinner table. | under the ~ The potato rolled under the table.

PHRASES the centre/middle of the table, the edge/end/head of the table My father always sits at the head of the table. | a round table discussion/meeting, round table talks All parties took part in the round table discussions on the peace process.

2 list of facts/figures

ADJ. statistical | league The league table shows the Danish team in first place with eight points.

VERB + TABLE compile, draw (up) | see See Table XII for population figures.

TABLE + VERB show sth

PREP. in a/the ~ He showed the price fluctuations in a statistical table. United are second in the table.

PHRASES the bottom/top of the table, mid-table The team will be lucky to finish the season mid-table.