system noun

1 set of ideas/rules for organizing sth

ADJ. current, existing looking to replace the existing system | modern | old-fashioned, outdated | traditional | standard | complex, complicated, elaborate, intricate, sophisticated | simple | comprehensive | coherent | effective, efficient | viable, workable | inefficient, wasteful | flexible | rigid | stable | foolproof | imperfect, perfect | unique | ad hoc | centralized, decentralized | closed, open a closed system with a rigidly defined set of choices | bureaucratic | hierarchical | authoritarian, oppressive, repressive | equitable, fair | corrupt, unjust | bankrupt The governor referred to a prison system that was bankrupt of compassion. | state The law applies to schools within the state system. | local government, parliamentary, political | electoral, voting | banking, economic, monetary | tax, taxation | educational, examination, school, university | court, judicial, justice, legal, penal, prison | benefit/benefits, national/social insurance, social security, welfare | care, health (care) | rail, railway, road, subway, transport | communication | warning | security | back-up, support | accounting, administrative | disciplinary | agricultural | commercial, market | cultural, social | grammatical, language | classification, classificatory, filing | belief, value | capitalist, caste, communist | multi-party, two-party | two-tier

VERB + SYSTEM build, create, design, develop, devise, set up | adopt, apply, implement, introduce implementing a new system of stock control | advocate | join | be part of They are all part of the corrupt system we need to change. | manage, operate, run | manipulate, play, use playing the legal system to his own advantage | organize How is the sytem organized? | adapt, change, transform | tinker with | improve, modernize, overhaul, refine, reform, reorganize, simplify, streamline, strengthen modernizing their judicial system | perfect | perpetuate perpetuating an unjust system | clog up a backlog of cases clogging up the system | destabilize, disrupt, undermine, weaken attempts to disrupt the rail system | dismantle | abandon, do away with, scrap | destroy, overthrow | replace | restore | criticize, fight, rebel against She spent her years at school fighting the system. | defend, support | beat, buck You can never beat the system! | bypass trying to bypass the bureaucratic system | blame It's not your fault?blame the system.

SYSTEM + VERB exist | be based on sth, rest on sth Every political system rests on certain fundamentals. | be aimed at sth, be geared to sth | allow sth, enable sth This system allows you to study at your own speed. | offer sth, provide sth | be in operation, be operational, function, work proving that the system works effectively | break down, collapse

PREP. in a/the ~ at another point in the transport system | under a/the ~ Under the new system, all children will be monitored by a senior social worker. | ~ for devising an appropriate system for presenting the required information

2 group of things/parts that work together

ADJ. sophisticated | computer, computer-based, electronic, manual, mechanical | audio, sound, stereo | satellite | air-conditioning, alarm, electronic mail, exhaust, heating, life-support, phone, plumbing, public address, sprinkler, telephone, ventilation | river, road

VERB + SYSTEM build, create, develop | improve, streamline | install For this month only, installing the system is free.

SYSTEM + VERB function, operate, work | break down, fail The air-conditioning system failed.

PREP. in/with a/the ~ a fault in the sound system

3 the body, or parts of it that work together

ADJ. auditory, circulatory, digestive, immune, (central) nervous, reproductive, respiratory, sensory, visual

PREP. in a/the ~ a valve in the circulatory system

PHRASES a shock to the system Returning to work after a long break can be a terrible shock to the system.

4 workings of a computer

ADJ. advanced, powerful | interactive | online | compatible, incompatible | computer, PC | operating, operational | database, management, information | processing, recognition, retrieval an information retrieval system | server, software | parallel

VERB + SYSTEM install | boot up, reboot Just reboot the system and try again. | build, design, develop designing a voice recognition system | launch

SYSTEM + VERB run The system runs on this workstation. | crash, fail, go down The entire computer system went down.

SYSTEM + NOUN software

PREP. in a/the ~ faults in the data processing system