swing verb

1 move backwards and forwards/from side to side

ADV. gently, slowly | violently, wildly She lashed out, her arm swinging wildly. | back and forth, backwards and forwards, from side to side, to and fro The pendulum swung slowly backwards and forwards.

PREP. from I could see him swinging from the branch of a large tree.

2 move smoothly

VERB + SWING slowly | suddenly | sharply The road swung sharply round. | across, around/round, away, back, down, off, up Hearing a sarcastic note in his voice, she swung around to face him.

VERB + SWING let sth She let the door swing shut behind her.

PREP. from She swung down from the tree in one easy movement. | into He swung up into the saddle and rode off. | towards Niccolo ` swung towards her.

PHRASES swing open/shut/to

3 change quickly

ADV. rapidly | suddenly | wildly The balance of power swung wildly from one party to the other. | heavily Opinion swung heavily to the left.

PREP. from, to Her mood could swing rapidly from gloom to exhilaration.