survive verb

ADV. well (used with another adverb or in the forms better or best) The frescoes have survived remarkably well. Seedlings survive better in stony soil. | barely, hardly The islanders could barely survive without an export crop. | just (about), narrowly I can just about survive on what I earn. The prime minister narrowly survived a leadership challenge. | (for) long Nobody can survive long without water. | still Only one copy of the book still survives. | miraculously A schoolboy miraculously survived a 25,000-volt electric shock. | somehow

VERB + SURVIVE struggle to poor people struggling to survive | be able to, can/could, manage to | expect (sb/sth) to Doctors did not expect him to survive the night. | hope to She cannot hope to survive long in power. | be likely/unlikely to | be lucky to Once diagnosed with lung cancer, a patient is lucky to survive for five years. | enable sb to, help sb (to)

PREP. as Will she survive as party leader? | from Very little has survived from this period of history. | into Very few of the children survived into adult life. | on They survived on roots and berries. | through She survived through two world wars. | until The original apple tree survived until 1911.

PHRASES the only/sole surviving sb/sth the only surviving member of her family | survive intact/unscathed Few buildings survived the war intact.