surprise noun

1 feeling of surprise

ADJ. great, utter | mild, some | initial After the initial surprise I got to like the place. | mock His eyebrows rose in mock surprise.

QUANT. element The Egyptian team relied on the element of surprise to defeat their stronger opponents.

VERB + SURPRISE express, register, show | feign He feigned surprise when I went up and said hello. | hide She was quick to hide her surprise. | cause The president's remarks caused surprise and embarrassment.

PREP. in ~ ‘Walk twenty miles!’ repeated the old man in surprise. | to your ~ Much to her surprise she enjoyed the party. | with/without ~ It was with some surprise that I read of his resignation. | ~ at She showed no surprise at the news.

PHRASES an expression/a look of surprise, a gasp/scream/shriek, etc. of surprise

2 sth that you did not expect

ADJ. big, complete, great, major, total | lovely, nice, pleasant, wonderful

VERB + SURPRISE come as | get, have I had a lovely surprise when I saw Mark there. | spring Johnson sprung a surprise by beating the favourite in the first round. | be in for Your mother's in for a bit of a surprise when she gets home. | catch sb by, take sb by The storm took us completely by surprise.

SURPRISE + NOUN announcement, attack, party, victory, visit

PREP. ~ for It was a complete surprise for me. | ~ to His refusal came as no surprise to his boss.

PHRASES a bit of a/quite a surprise