surgery noun

1 medical treatment

ADJ. major, radical | minor | extensive | further | successful, unsuccessful | keyhole, laser | invasive One of his specialities is minimally invasive surgery. | elective, emergency, experimental, exploratory, remedial They discussed whether patients should have to pay for all elective surgery. | cosmetic, plastic | general | abdominal, brain, bypass, cardiac, gastric, heart, knee, open-heart, orthopaedic, paediatric

VERB + SURGERY have, undergo She had minor surgery on her knee. | perform He has been performing heart surgery for ten years. | need, require

PREP. after/before/during ~ She felt weak for six months after undergoing major abdominal surgery. | ~ for emergency surgery for a twisted gut | ~ to After the accident, she needed extensive plastic surgery to her face.

2 place/time a doctor/dentist sees patients

ADJ. open | afternoon, evening, morning | dental, doctor's, GP's, veterinary

VERB + SURGERY do, have, hold I'll do morning surgery, if you like. We only have a morning surgery. He holds surgery from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. | attend, go to those attending the doctor's surgery with physical symptoms I'll have to go to the surgery to pick up the prescription.


PREP. in a/the ~ Dr Smith isn't in the surgery today.