surge noun

1 of feeling

ADJ. great, huge | wild | abrupt, sudden, swift | initial His initial surge of euphoria was quickly followed by dismay. | fresh, new, renewed She felt a fresh surge of anger when he denied lying. | familiar | adrenalin

VERB + SURGE experience, feel He experienced that familiar surge of excitement.

SURGE + VERB sweep (over/through) sb/sth A great surge of emotion swept through him.

PREP. with a ~ He thought of his old teacher with a surge of affection. | ~ of a sudden surge of adrenalin

2 movement/increase

ADJ. dramatic, extraordinary, great, huge, massive | growing | sudden, unexpected | temporary | last-minute, overnight, recent A last-minute surge in ticket sales saved the show from closure. | storm, tidal The storm surge caused widespread flooding.

PREP. ~ in a dramatic surge in the demand

PHRASES a surge forward Police struggled to control the sudden surge forward by the demonstrators.