supporter noun

ADJ. active, ardent, close, committed, die-hard, enthusiastic, faithful, fanatical, fervent, great, keen, loyal, passionate, stalwart, staunch, strong an active supporter of democratic change The emperor was deserted by his closest supporters before the end of the war. die-hard supporters of the old system Only stalwart supporters of the team stayed to the end of the match. | leading, principal, prominent | lifelong, long-time | traditional an area of traditional Labour supporters | reluctant | government, opposition, party, political | Conservative, Labour, etc. | grass-roots, rank-and-file The party has not been listening to the concerns of its grass-roots supporters. | football, rugby, etc.

QUANT. army, group, set, team Both sets of supporters applauded the fantastic goal.

VERB + SUPPORTER have | attract, rally to attract supporters to the cause

SUPPORTER + VERB rally Supporters rallied to his assistance when he was declared bankrupt. | cheer a coachload of cheering football supporters

PHRASES a crowd/rally of supporters The opposition leader addressed a rally of 50,000 supporters.