support verb

1 help/encourage/agree with sb/sth

ADV. fervently, overwhelmingly, strongly The people of this country overwhelmingly support their president. I strongly support the view that education should be available to everyone. | fully, wholeheartedly | unanimously | actively The group is actively supported by several Members of Parliament. | tacitly | enthusiastically | loyally He has supported the party loyally for over twenty years. | ably The soloists were ably supported by the University Singers.

VERB + SUPPORT agree to, be pledged to, pledge to, promise to He promised to support me at the meeting. | be prepared to, be willing to | fail to, refuse to

PREP. in Very few countries supported the United States in its action.

PHRASES be widely supported These policies were widely supported in the country.

2 show that sth is true/correct

ADV. strongly The evidence strongly supports his claims.

VERB + SUPPORT appear to, seem to, tend to

3 give sb money

ADV. financially | generously

VERB + SUPPORT help (to)

PREP. through Her parents supported her all through college.