supervision noun

ADJ. careful, close, strict | adequate, effective, proper | inadequate | constant, daily, day-to-day, regular | minimal | direct New staff are trained to work without direct supervision. | general, overall | adult, clinical, expert, medical, parental, personal

VERB + SUPERVISION need, require | get, have, receive | exercise, give sb, offer (sb), provide (sb with) The scheme offers only minimal supervision for young offenders. | be responsible for The head porter is responsible for the supervision and allocation of duties. | keep sb/sth under He needs to be kept under strict supervision. | improve, tighten | relax | escape (from), evade She managed to escape her boss's constant supervision.

SUPERVISION + NOUN order The local authority can apply for a supervision order for the child.

PREP. under (sb's) ~ under the close supervision of her teachers | with/without ~ Children are not allowed to swim without adequate supervision. | ~ by They still require supervision by skilled colleagues. | ~ from Trainees will receive personal supervision from experienced staff.

PHRASES a lack of supervision