sunlight noun

ADJ. blinding, bright, brilliant, harsh, hot, intense, scorching, strong, warm He emerged from the tunnel into blinding sunlight. | direct, full plants that do not like direct sunlight | pale, weak, wintry | dappled, golden the dappled sunlight of the forest | reflected | afternoon, morning, evening | autumn, spring, etc.

QUANT. beam, ray, shaft | patch, pool

VERB + SUNLIGHT block out a dank backyard with a wall that blocked out the sunlight | gleam in, glint in, shimmer in, sparkle in The sea shimmered in the sunlight. | be exposed to Do not leave your skin exposed to sunlight for too long. | blink in, squint in They emerged from the cinema, blinking in the sunlight.

SUNLIGHT + VERB come, fall, filter, flood, penetrate, pierce, pour, shine, slant, stream Sunlight filtered dustily through the slats of the door. in dark thickets where sunlight could not penetrate She threw back the shutters and the sunlight streamed in. | dapple sth, gleam on/through sth, glimmer on sth, glint on sth, glitter on sth, reflect from/on sth, shimmer on sth, sparkle on sth Sunlight dapples the grass around us. the sunlight sparkling on the water

PREP. in the ~ waves sparkling in the sunlight | into the ~ We came out into bright sunlight again.