sun noun (usually the sun)

ADJ. blood-red, bright, brilliant, golden, red, yellow | hazy, pale, thin, watery, weak, wintry | high, low The wintry sun was already low in the sky. | rising | dying, setting, sinking, westering, western The distant mountains glowed in the light of the setting sun. | baking, blazing, burning, fierce, harsh, hot, scorching, strong, warm | direct, full This plant likes a dryish soil in full sun. | afternoon, early, early-morning, evening, late, midday, morning, noon/noonday | autumn, spring, summer, winter | August, February, etc. | desert, tropical | Caribbean, Italian, etc.

VERB + SUN blot out, obliterate The clouds darkened, obliterating the sun. | soak up We were lying by the pool, soaking up the afternoon sun. | catch You've caught the sun (= become slightly burnt by the sun).

SUN + VERB come up, climb, rise The sun climbed higher in the sky.

The sun rises in the east. | dip, drop, go down, set, sink The sun sets in the west. It was getting cooler as the sun sank below the horizon. | be out, be up The sun was up now, and strong. | move The sun moved slowly westward. | appear, break through (sth), come out, emerge Just then, a watery sun broke through the clouds. | beat down, blaze down, burn, glare, shine A brilliant sun shone through the trees. | disappear, go in The sun went in and it started to rain. | catch sth, flash on sth, glance on sth, glint off/on sth, play on sth, sparkle (on sth) The sun caught her dazzling copper hair. The sun glinted on the blades. | pour down/in, slant through sth, stream in/through sth The evening sun slanted through the window. | strike sth, touch sth The sun struck the steep blue slates of the roof. | warm sth The sun warmed his face.

SUN + NOUN god | worshipper | lounge, terrace, trap (also suntrap) | bed (also sunbed), lounger (also sunlounger) | hat (also sunhat), umbrella, visor | tan (also suntan) | cream, lotion, oil, protection On children, use a cream with a high sun protection factor. | damage, exposure wrinkles caused by sun damage

PREP. in the ~ Don't sit in the sun too long. The helmets were glinting in the sun. We've booked a holiday in the sun (= in a place that is warm and sunny). | into the ~ We went out into the sun. | out of the ~ We did our best to keep out of the sun. | ~ in with the sun in her eyes | ~ on enjoying the feel of the sun on his back

PHRASES the rays of the sun/the sun's rays