summons noun

1 order to go somewhere

ADJ. peremptory, urgent | royal

VERB + SUMMONS send (out) | await, expect I stayed in that night awaiting her summons. | get, hear, receive | answer, obey, respond to | ignore

SUMMONS + VERB come She was ready when the summons duly came.

PREP. ~ from She responded immediately to the summons from the head teacher. | ~ to I received an urgent summons to her office.

PHRASES in answer to a summons He arrived panting in answer to Blake's summons.

2 order to go to a court of law

ADJ. court | private | witness

VERB + SUMMONS issue, take out | deliver, present (sb with), serve (sb with) The summons can be served on either of the partners in the business.

PREP. ~ against Her neighbours took out a summons against her for noise nuisance. | ~ for